FLAG-ERA Workshop 2022 – Graphene Presentations

Session 1: Enabling Science and Materials (Div 1)

  • TATTOOS:TunAble Twistronics: local tuning and probing of TOpOlogical edge states and Superconductivity in bilayer graphene
  • SOgraphMEM:Spin Orbit functionalized GRAPHene for resistive‐magnetic MEMories
  • OPERA:Nanographene for quantum technologies
  • ETMOS:Epitaxial Transition Metal dichalcogenides Onto wide bandgap hexagonal Semiconductors for advanced electronics
  • DIMAG:Electrically controlled ferromagnetism in 2‐dimensional semiconductors
  • To2Dox:Transferable 2D layers of correlated oxides
  • 2DHetero: hBN/Graphene 2D Heterostructures: from scalable growth to integration
  • MULTISPIN: Molecular engineering of layered magnetic materials: towards multifunctional spintronic devices
  • MINERVA: MakIng New ElectRonic deVices from Amorphous materials
  • MNEMOSYN: 2D magnetic memories: scalable growth and hybrid electrical operation
  • 2DSOTECH: 2Dimensional van der Waals Spin Orbit Torque Technology

Session 2 Health, Medicine and Sensors (Div 2)

  • Perogas:Solution‐Processed Perovskite/Graphene Nanocomposites for Self‐Powered Gas Sensors
  • MARGO: MAxillofacial bone Regeneration by 3D‐printed laser‐activated Graphene Oxide scaffolds
  • LEGOCHIP:Multifunctional Nanoporous Graphene Integration in Operational Nanophotonic Biosensor Devices
  • DeMeGRaS:Detection mechanisms in graphene radiation sensors
  • 2D-NEMS:2D‐Material Heterostructure NEMS Sensors
  • DeGraph: Biodegradation of Graphene‐based Materials by Environmental Bacteria
  • RESCUEGRAPH: Functional stimulation system for rehabilitation of gait and driving neural plasticity after spinal cord injury

Session 3 Electronics and Photonics Integration (Div 3)

  • GRAPHAR:Graphene enabled optical phased array for LIDAR applications
  • PhotoTBG: Moire enhanced infrared photodetection and THz emission in twisted graphene superlattices
  • ENPHOCAL: ENhanced Photoresponse of HOt CArriers through Lifetime engineering

Session 4 Energy, Composites and Production (Div 4)

  • PROSPECT: PatteRned cOatings based on 2D materials benzoxazine reSin hybrids for broad range Pressure detection
  • LASERGRAPH:In‐situ laser fabrication of graphene electrodes and interlayers for next generation CIGS/Perovskite solar cells
  • GO-FOR-WATER:Graphene cOmposites FOR advanced drinking WATER treatment
  • VEGA: Vertical Graphene for Aluminium‐Ion Batteries