JTC 2015 funded projects

The projects listed below are recommended for funding to the national research funding organisations by the FLAG-ERA JTC 2015 Call Steering Committee.

Important: The actual funding of the projects depends on the successful completion of the final funding decisions and contract negotiations at the national level.

The abstract, keywords and consortium members of each project are available by clicking on the project name.

Read the news item about the results here.

List of projects recommended for funding for the HBP topic (alphabetical order)

List of projects recommended for funding for the Graphene topic (alphabetical order)

Acronym and title Coordinator
2Dfun: 2D functional MX2-graphenes Matty CAYMAX BE, TR, NL, UK
G-IMMUNOMICS: Characterization of Graphene immune-impacts through omics approaches and genotoxic analysis Lucia Gemma DELOGU IT, DE, FR, TR, UK
GraNitE: Graphene heterostructures with Nitrides for high frequency Electronics Filippo GIANNAZZO IT, FR, PL
Graphtivity: Graphene-based optoelectrochemical sensor for the simultaneous monitoring of the electrical and chemical activity of single cells Wolfgang SCHUHMANN DE, BE, FR, IT, RO,NL
GRIFONE: Graphitic films of group III nitrides and group II oxides: platform for fundamental studies and applications Anelia KAKANAKOVA SE, HU, IT
GRMH2TANK: High-performance and lightweight Graphene-CFRP compressed Hydrogen storage tank for aerospace applications  Rainer ADELUNG  DE, FR, PT
HiMagGraphene: Atomic-scale control of graphene magnetism using hydrogen atoms  Ivan BRIHUEGA  ES, DE, FR
iSpinText: Induced Spin Textures in van der Waals Heterostructures  Szabolcs CSONKA  HU, DE, SE, NL, CH
NU-TEGRAM: Nanofluidics and Ultrafiltration with Track Etched Graphene-Polymer-Composite Membranes  Marika SCHLEBERGER  DE, FR, NL, HR
SOgraph: Tailoring Spin-Orbit effects in Graphene for spin-orbitronic applications Rodolfo MIRANDA  ES, FR, IT
TAILSPIN: Tailoring spin-interactions in graphene nanoribbons for ballistic fully spin-polarized devices  Christoph TEGENKAMP  DE, NL, SE
Trans2DTMD: Theoretical investigation of electronic transport in functionalized 2D transition metal dichalcogenides  Francois PEETERS  BE, DE, NL, ES
TUGRACO: Towards Ubiquitous GRAphene based RF COmmunications demonstrating and understanding graphene based plasmonic THz antenna potential and limitations  Peter HARING BOLÍVAR  DE, ES, IT