Policy Context

This page aims to clarify the wider policy context in which the FET Flagships and FLAG-ERA operate. More information and updates are available on the European Commission’s Flagships webpage


Half of the budget for the FET Flagships is planned to come from the EU funds. The other half would come mainly from the Member States and possibly the private sector, through financing Partnering Projects and also through in-kind contributions to the Flagship from participating organisations. To support the Member States in coordinating their contributions to the Flagships, the Commission is financing  FLAG-ERA (the FLAGship ERA-Net). (Read more about the Partnering Project Agreements as part of the  Association Mechanisms to the FET Flagships here).

More background information is also available in the following documents published in September 2014  by the European Commission: the FET Flagship Staff Working document, announcing the implementation model for the Flagships in H2020, the overview and presentation.


A governance structure is being set up to ensure that the Flagships have a well-coordinated implementation in H2020. The aim is to allow for efficient decision making of strategic nature, including assessing the overall progress of Flagships and planning optimal allocation and use of funding and resources. This governance structure will be adjusted if necessary in close cooperation with all the
involved Flagship stakeholders including FLAG-ERA.