Funded Projects

JTC 2016

Cooperative Robots (CR)
Acronym and title Coordinator
RoboCom++: Rethinking Robotics for the Robot Companion of the futurePaolo DARIOIT, BE, CH, HR, CZ, EE, ES, FR, GR, IL, LV, NL, RO, SK, UK, TR
Digital Medicine for Cancer (DMC)
Acronym and title Coordinator
ITFoC: Information Technology: Future of Cancer TreatmentNora BENHABILESFR, DE, IT, LV, RO, TR
High-Efficiency Sensor Networks (HESN)
Acronym and title Coordinator
CONVERGENCE: Frictionless Energy Efficient Convergent Wearables For Healthcare and Lifestyle ApplicationsAdrian IONESCUCH, BE, EE, FR, IT, LV, TR
ICT for Social Sciences
Acronym and title Coordinator
FuturICT 2.0: Large scale experiments and simulations for the second generation of FuturICTMario PAOLUCCIIT, CH, EE, FR, BE, LV, RO

JTC 2015