JTC 2017 projects

The projects listed below are recommended for funding to the national research funding organisations by the FLAG-ERA JTC 2017 Call Steering Committee.

Important: The actual funding of the projects depends on the successful completion of the final funding decisions and contract negotiations at the national level.

Download the list of projects recommended for funding as PDF.

Read the JTC 2017 results news item here.

List of projects recommended for funding for the HBP (Basic and Applied Research) topic

Acronym and title Coordinator
Brainsynch-Hit: The influence of directional interactions in brain networks in predicting cognitive deficits post-stroke Maurizio Corbetta IT, FR, NL
CAUSALTOMICS: Causal connectomics subtending oscillatory spread and information flow in the human brain Antoni Valero-Cabré FR, ES, RO
CORTICITY: Comparative Investigation of the  Cortical Circuits in Mouse, NHP and Human Henry Kennedy FR, DE, ES, US, RO
HIPPOPLAST: How rigid and plastic circuits contribute to hippocampal function Rosa Cossart FR, ES, HU
MAC-Brain: Developing a Multi-scale account of Attentional Control as the constraining interface between vision and action: A cross-species investigation of relevant neural circuits in the human and macaque Brain. Leonardo Chelazzi IT, BE, FR
SCALES: Studying Cognitive Activity at two Levels with Simultaneous depth and surface recordings Christian Bénar FR, RO, CH

List of projects recommended for funding for the Graphene (Basic Research) topic

Acronym and title Coordinator
2D-SbGe: Preparation and characterization of antimonene and germanium nanolayers Felix Zamora ES, DE, SI
CERANEA: Multifunctional Ceramic/Graphene Coatings for New Emerging Applications Csaba Balazsi HU, DE, SK
GATES: nanoporous GrAphene membrane made without TransfEr for gas Separation Laurent Ducimetiere FR, ES, GR
GRANSPORT: Correlations and defects in graphene and related materials: Chargeand heat transport Mikhail Katsnelson NL, DE, FR, SE
GraSage: Modelling of the electrical and thermal transport mechanisms in graphene nano-modified polymer compounds and fibres Gunnar Seide NL, DE, BE, ES
H2O: Heterostructures of 2D Materials and Organic Semiconductor Nanolayers Andrey Turchanin DE, NL, SE
LaMeS: Layered Structures of Metal Sulfides Tomas Nyberg SE, DE, FR
MECHANIC: Modelling Charge and Heat Transport in 2D-materIals based Composites Andreas Isacsson SE, BE, ES, IT, TR
MORE-Mxenes: Magnetically Ordered Rare Earth 2D Mxenes Thierry Ouisse FR, BE, SE
MX-OSMOPED: MXene–organic semiconductor blends for high-mobility printed organic electronic devices
Gvido Bratina SI, BE, DE, FR
SIMPLANT: Synthesis of few layered transition metal dichalcogenides by ion implantation Didier Pribat FR, DE, BE
TopoGraph: Engineering topological superconductivity in graphene Peter Makk HU, ES, NL

List of projects recommended for funding for the Graphene (Applied Research and Innovation) topic

Acronym and title Coordinator
CO2-DETECT: Waveguide-Integrated Mid-Infrared Graphene Detectors for Optical Gas Sensor Systems Frank Niklaus SE, DE, ES
EPIGRAPH: GRAPHene biomolecular and electrophysiological sensors integrated in an “all-in-one device” for the prediction and control of EPIleptic seizures (towards a general device for most brain disorders)
Daniel Simon SE, FR, GR
GRAFIN: GRAphene-based Flexible neural Interfaces for the control of Neuroprosthetic devices Xavier Navarro ES, FR, SE, TR
GRAPH-EYE: In situ, non-invasive quality control of crystalline quality of GRMs via non-linear optical properties imaging Emmanuel Stratakis GR, BE, UK
MELoDICA: Disclosing the potential of transition metal dichalcogenides for thermoelectric applications through nanostructuring and confinement Ilaria Pallecchi IT, BE, GR, RO

*bold = coordinating country, italics = without JTC funding