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26 Jun

Building a search engine for the brain

22 Jun

Graphene Composite Innovation Day – Oct 12, 2017

16 Jun

Neuroticism, depression, and anxiety traits exacerbate the state of cognitive impairment and hippocampal vulnerability to Alzheimer’s disease

15 Jun

Graphene Membranes for the Nuclear Industry

6 Jun

Seeing The Invisible With A Graphene-CMOS Integrated Device

17 May

Graphene Flagship annual report 2016

12 May

Laying the foundations of the European Institute for Neuromorphic Computing

11 May

Join the Graphene Flagship – Expression of Interest now Open (submission deadline: May 30th, 2017)

10 Apr

Uncovering new technologies from the Graphene Flagship at Mobile World Congress 2017

17 Feb

The FET Flagships receive positive evaluation in their journey towards ground-breaking innovation

6 Feb

1st workshop “NanoBioMed Sardinia 2017”

24 Jan

Women in Graphene – Career Development Day – March 8, 2017