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JTC 2023

On November 27, 2023, FLAG-ERA published the list of 10 projects recommended for funding as a results of its JTC2023, in support of projects in synergy with the Graphene Flagship and the Human Brain Project – EBRAINS. The call adds a sixth wave of transnational partnering projects to support and extend these two European initiatives.

Consult the full list of FLAG-ERA JTC2023 funded projects and partners.





FLAG-ERA will fund 10 transnational projects as a result of its sixth Joint Transnational Call (FLAG-ERA JTC 2023)

FLAG-ERA is pleased to announce the results of its sixth Joint Transnational Call (FLAG-ERA JTC 2023). Ten (10) transnational projects were selected for funding after evaluation by independent international scientific evaluation panels supported by external reviewers. The selected research projects include 6 projects in synergy with the Graphene Flagship and 4 with the Human Brain Project (HBP),...

Human Brain Project

CORTICITY: Comparative Investigation of the Cortical Circuits in Mouse, NHP and Human

In order to further the understanding of the mechanisms by which neural interactions sustain different states of awareness, we have studied principles of cortical organization at the structural and functional levels and develop data-driven statistical models in order to study brain activity in different brain states using dynamical systems modeling whole-brain networks, in combination with analyses of...

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