RRI supporting actions

Implicit within European research policy is the stance that science and innovation should contribute to a better society. Avoid harm, help solve challenges and create good. But who is to decide about good or bad impacts, about what benefits are hoped for and what burdens could be allowed? This is not just up to scientists to decide — clearly other stakeholders are needed. Here Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) policy emerges as it has a lot to do with trust and interest of the public in the powerful investments in research and innovation.

RRI implies that researchers work together with other societal actors such as citizens, policy makers, business or third sector organisations. The aim is to better align both the research-process and its outcomes with the values, needs and expectations of society. Dialogue, access and involvement in science are paramount, and science funding organizations have a key role to play as an initiating and driving force. For these reasons FLAG-ERA has devoted one of its work packages specifically to RRI. The objectives are to raise awareness and to develop a framework on the implications of RRI for the research fields involved in FLAG-ERA (Graphene and Human Brain Project).

The objectives are

    1. to raise awareness on RRI issues, both among the scientific communities involved in Graphene and the Human Brain Project and among the FLAG-ERA partner organizations
    2. to develop a framework on the implications of RRI for both of these research fields. In order to achieve these goals, workshops have and will be organized for all funded FLAG-ERA projects. Furthermore surveys among the FLAG-ERA projects and FLAG-ERA partners are used as an instrument to gather information. These activities draw on the assistance of RRI experts as well as on the much appreciated support from the two Flagships.

The RRI dedicated activity is of FLAG-ERA conducted in the frame given by the Sustainable Development Goals as defined by the United Nations. FLAG-ERA is keen on new developments, on learning from other European initiatives and on inputs from our funded projects. The content of this page is therefore likely to evolve. And finally, as a disclaimer, FLAG-ERA does not have the ambitious nor the possibility to tackle all the various RRI items and chooses to focus on items of value for the FLAG-ERA projects as well as for the partner organizations.



March 2022
    1. Agenda
    2. EIC transition instrument for FLAG-ERA projects
    3. Graphene Flagship Partner Division and projects association
    4. Data Management – Graphene Flagship
    5. Data Management – HBP/EBRAINS
    6. Graphene presentations
    7. HBP presentations
March 2021
    1. Agenda
    2. RRI Survey FLAG-ERA partners
    3. RRI Survey FLAG-ERA projects
    4. Feedback of experts to FLAG-ERA General Assembly
    5. Graphene presentations
    6. HBP presentations


FLAG-ERA report (2021)

Present state of RRI practices of the FLAG-ERA partners, the FLAG-ERA ERA-NET and the projects funded by FLAG-ERA


Relevant documentation from the Flagships


Relevant documents and links of interest arising from other initiatives

NEURON organised 2 webinars in February 2022 focused on the resources useful for Researchers in Neurosciences that the European Biomedical Research Infrastructures can offer. An overview was presented of the available ELIXIR, EBRAINS and INFRAFRONTIER resources and also two useful tools for developing Data Management Plans (RDM-kit and Data Stewardship Wizard).

Useful information in the context of data-management is still available through this link.