Board of Funders

The Board of Funders (BoF) is one of the Flagships (FFs) governance bodies. It brings together the main funders of HBP, Graphene and Quantum Technologies, namely representatives from the Member States and Associated Countries of Horizon 2020 and the Commission with the purpose of programming activities in support of the FFs. The main role of the BoF is to discuss and possibly plan the financial support to the FFs for their whole duration.

Key objectives include:

  • Exchanging information on the overall direction and strategy of the Flagships
  • Fostering synergies between the Flagships and related activities funded at national, regional or transnational levels
  • Programming activities in support of the Flagships
  • Promoting an environment that stimulates innovation by linking the Flagships S&T developments to innovation policies at national and European level
  • Fostering international collaboration

The BoF is open to all those Member States and Associated Countries of Horizon 2020 that are interested in the FFs, whether they have policies or programmes related to the FFs or not. Here is the current list of Members of the BoF.

For more details on the BoF, see the Terms of Reference (available here).

Board of Funders 11th Meeting – 22nd of November 2019



  • T. Skordas, Introduction
  • J-F Buggenhout, Human Brain Project state of play
  • W. Hogenhout, Graphene Flagship state of play
  • M.-A. Néouze, FLAG-ERA JTC2019 results
  • J-F Buggenhout, The 6 preparatory actions state of play
  • Quantum Flagship state of play
    • Baloo, Second Strategic Research Agenda
    • Calarco, International cooperation activities
    • Kalbe, State of play of the EuroQCI initiative
    • Kostka, QuantERA: additional calls

Presentations from the 11th BoF meeting