D2.1 JTC 2017 call documents (public part)
D2.3 JTC 2017 networking event
D3.2 JTC 2017 pre-proposal selection outcome
D3.4 JTC 2017 full proposal selection outcome
D5.3 Communication toolkit for the JTC 2017 launch
D6.5 Landscape analysis in the domain of the Graphene Flagship
D6.6 International collaboration funding opportunities for the Graphene Flagship
D7.6 International collaboration funding opportunities for the Human Brain Project
D8.2 JTC 2016 projects seminar 1 presentations
D8.4 JTC 2016 projects seminar 2 presentations
D8.6 JTC 2016 projects seminar 3 presentations
D10.1 Best practices and recommendations about the integration of nationally and regionally funded research in the Flagships
D10.2 Funding opportunities for the Flagships
D10.3 List of Associated Members


  • List of Deliverables (excel file)
  • FLAG-ERA III – Public deliverables
D3.2 List of funded projects
D5.1 Communication Toolkit for the JTC 2019 launch
D5.2 Promotion plan for the JTC 2019 publication
D8.1 Recommendations for the Flagship next phases
D8.2 JTC 2021 call documents and list of projects recommended for funding
D9.1 Report on inventory and analysis of existing RRI projects
D9.2 Report on guidelines and framework for applying RRI
D9.3 Report on RRI workshops