FLAG-ERA Joint Transnational Call (JTC) 2015


The JTC comprises two topics, each dedicated to supporting research projects in synergy with one of the two FET Flagships, the Graphene Flagship and the Human Brain Project. It is designed to expand the current Flagships to new researchers while also supporting researchers already in the Flagships. Investigators based at universities, research institutions, SMEs and larger enterprises are invited to team up with their peers abroad to submit proposals in the area of the Flagships. Researchers seeking contacts within the Flagships can contact graphene-eu@esf.org or partnering@humanbrainproject.eu.

Call topics

Graphene Flagship

1. Computational modelling of devices and systems
2. Advanced nanofabrication and spintronics
3. Active THz components
4. Multifunctional composites
5. Functional coatings
6. Nanofluidics applications
7. Biological and chemical sensors
8. Immunogenomics and proteomics
9. New layered materials and heterostructures
10. Energy
11. Prototypes

Human Brain Project

1. Targeted Mapping of the Mouse Brain
2. Targeted Mapping of the Human Brain
3. Theoretical and Mathematical Foundations of Neuroscience
4. Neuroinformatics
5. Brain Simulation
6. High Performance Computing
7. Medical informatics
8. Neuromorphic Computing
9. Neurorobotics
10. Ethics and Society

Participating countries

Graphene Flagship: AT, BE, DE, ES, FR, HU, IT, LV, NL, PL, PT, RO, SE, TU
Human Brain Project: AT, BE, ES, FR, HU, IT, LV, NL, PT, RO, TU


Each consortium submitting a proposal must involve at least 3 partners from 3 different countries and fulfil at least one of the following two options:

At least three partners requesting funding from three different countries participating in the JTC.

At least two partners requesting funding from two different countries participating in the JTC plus a Flagship Core Project partner from a different country, not requesting funding in the framework of the call and securing its own funding.

Besides, not more than half of the partners in a consortium can be Flagship Core Project partners, independently of whether they request funding or not.

Evaluation & Selection

Eligible proposals are assessed by an international Scientific Evaluation Panel (SEP) with the help of external peer reviewers. On the basis of the assessment by the SEP and of the available funding, a list of projects recommended for funding will be established.

Association to the Flagships

Information contained in the projects recommended for funding will be sent to the respective Flagship Core Projects for approval of association. It is expected that all partners in the projects recommended for funding are accepted as associated members by the Flagship Core Projects. To learn more, please consult the association mechanisms

Links to relevant documents

To learn more on the topics, eligibility criteria and the submission of proposals to the JTC, please consult the Call Announcement.

A Partner(s) Search Tool for submitting Expressions of Interest (EoI) is currently closed. All the EoI can be viewed here.

To start working on a proposal, consult the Proposal form for submission.

The link to the website for submitting proposals is: https://submission.flagera.eu/.

Please also consult the FLAG-ERA JTC 2015 online presentation and flyer: electronic version [link], printable version for home and office printing [link].