JTC 2017 Expression of Interest

Project holder looking for a partner

Main topic(s) of interest : Graphene (Basic Research), Graphene (Applied Research and Innovation), HBP (Basic and Applied Research)

Brief description of project :

I finished a project which Summary is as follow;

Nano- powders based Powder Metallurgy (PM) parts heavily used in the automotive industry, machinery industry, aerospace industry , machine manufacturing, iron and steel industry , dies and molds industry and the defense industry. High- frequency induction sintering method is a rapid prototyping method. If we applied load during sintering of powders, sintering temperature will be decreased. This rapid heating regime in nanostructured materials will to prevent grain growth. Densification will be faster and near to the theoretical density. Within the process, it is possible to gain over 97% of theoretical density by applying pressure. With this method, powders can be pressed and sintered to the desired shape close to the theoretical density. Non oxide ceramic and metal powders must be sintered under vacuum or protective gas due to the tendency for oxidation. Sintering is carried out under the melting temperature of powders representing the matrix composition. Conventional method, cause grain growth in nano sized particles. These phenomena results to decrease hardness and strength. With this work, sintering process will be completed in seconds by applying maximum 35 MPa pressure by the effect of high frequency induction. In this case sintered parts which are densier and having smaller grain sizes can be obtained. Oxidation of the graphite mold and graphane powders will be protected with a vacuum level up to 1X10-3 Torr by using sintering chamber during the experimental studies. As an energy source an induction generator which has 2.8 KW power capacity and 900 kHz high induction frequency will be used. Heating will be generated by magnetic flux spread from induction coil over graphite mold and powders. Under the melting temperature of the ceramic based powders will be sintered by induction at 5-35 MPa pressure under vacuum atmosphere in a minutes. Temperature of the graphite mold will be measured by infrared thermometer from the surface of the mold. This measurement will fix the induction frequency and power of the system. In spite of this measurement, speed of the controlled heating and fixed temperature will determine correctly. Project manager and researchers will be determining the configuration of the vacuum unit, pressing pressure, sintering durations and temperature. After the sintering operation of the ceramic compacts, density and hardness will measure and SEM, EDS, XRD and BET analyses will do. All mechanical properties and analysis will investigate for characterization and properties of the ceramics. With the results obtained for the production of ceramic compacts that provide the best properties will be optimized parameters. The scholarship students will perform high frequency induction sintering process in a vacuum. For characterization and determination of properties of the sintered compacts will done all necessary experimental tests, the effects of the production parameters will investigated for the compacts.

The aim of the project: It is planned to work on the induction sintering of new powders containing nano-graphene.


Mechanical Engineer, PhD.
Associate Professor

İDÜ University Industry Cooperation Application and Research Center Director

Vice Director of The Institute of Science

İzmir Demokrasi University, Engineering Faculty, Mechanical Engineering Department

Fax : +90 232 260 1004
Tel : +90 232 260 1001 -Dahili: 503
İzmir Demokrasi University
Üçkuyular Mahallesi,
Gürsel Aksel Bulvarı,
No:14 35140 Karabağlar

Keywords : Powder Metallurgy, High Frequency Induction Sintering, Nano Technology, Hot Pressing.

Expertise sought : I am looking for; 1) End user 2) Nano graphene provider 3) Nanotechnology mechanical test and nano structure imaging laboratories

First Name : UGUR

Last Name : CAVDAR

Country : Turkey

E-mail address : ugur.cavdar@idu.edu.tr

Telephone : +902322601001

Potential partner looking for a project

Main topic(s) of interest : Graphene (Basic Research), Graphene (Applied Research and Innovation), HBP (Basic and Applied Research)

Brief description of expertise :

I am Software Engineer having developed lots of the desktop and web application using C# and Java programming languages. I also have knowledge about the latest web technologies i.e. Angular, ASP.NET MVC, HTML5, JavaScript, TypeScript and database systems i.e. MSSQL Server and ORACLE. I have also Spanish language skill besides English and if there is a project for which I can use my experience, I would be appreciated contributing to it.

Keywords : software, developer, software developer, software engineer, engineering, java, c#, asp.net, angular, javascript, programming, database,

First Name : Murat

Last Name : YILDIZ

Country : Turkey

E-mail address : murat.yildiz@hotmail.co.uk

Potential partner looking for a project

Main topic(s) of interest : Graphene (Basic Research), Graphene (Applied Research and Innovation)

Brief description of expertise :

Nanografi Company (official name: Nanografi Nano Teknoloji Bilisim Imalat ve Danismanlik Ltd. Sti.) is an advanced materials (such as carbon nanotubes and graphene) developer and producer. Company's main focus has been on low-cost manufacturing of graphene and developing its applications.
Nanografi has 7 projects funded from TUBITAK and KOSGEB (Turkish funding institutions) and EU. Company successfuly finished 5 of them and looking for new international collaborations.
Company was awarded with Government Technoinvestment Support and H2020 SME Instrument Phase 1 funding for its environment-friendly and low-cost graphene production method (patent pending). Now, company is making preparations to establish a big Graphene Manufacturing facility in Ankara (TURKEY) that has 100 tonnes/year graphene production capacity. The facility is planned to be in full operation within 15 months.
Nanografi is also developing following applications with graphene:

1-Light-weight composite structures for aircrafts
2-Lightning Protective Conductive Structures for aircrafts
2-Anti-Corrosive Paint for Metal Industry (espacially for steel and Aluminum)
3-Thermal Sheet (with 400 - 1500 W/m.K thermal conductivity values)
4-Gas Barrier materials for food and pharmaceutical industry
5-High strength materials for Defence industries
6-Battery Electrodes (especially for Li-ion batteries) with %200 higher capacity
7-Hydrogen Storage material
8-Low Friction and High Strenght Composites for Fast Train Brake Linings
9-Electrically Conductive Paint formulations for the Paint Industry

Keywords : graphene, composites, advanced materials, carbon nanotubes, graphene applications

First Name : Huseyin

Last Name : Alagoz

Country : Turkey

E-mail address : huseyin.alagoz@nanografi.com

Telephone : +905334048209

Potential partner looking for a project

Main topic(s) of interest : Graphene (Basic Research), Graphene (Applied Research and Innovation)

Brief description of expertise :

I am R&D engineer for Inovenso which is a worldwide company that works for electrospinning process and nanofibers. The company has advanced electrospinning machines on different scales.

Keywords : nanofiber, electrospinning, electrospray, nanoparticle

First Name : Yusuf

Last Name : Keskin

Country : Turkey

E-mail address : yusuf.keskin@inovenso.com

Telephone : +905322782919

Potential partner looking for a project

Main topic(s) of interest : Graphene (Basic Research), Graphene (Applied Research and Innovation)

Brief description of expertise :

BIYONANOTRONIK has been created by supporting Science and Technology Ministry of Technology in İstanbul (Turkey). Established in 2014, it currently has the legal status of a private start-up company and several national projects have been managed until now. It has a wide experience in structural and theoretical chemistry for preparing materials and characterization. It focuses on the the modification and functionalization of nano/micro scale structures for energy applications such as Li-ion batteries and supercapacitors as well as on the synthesis of magnetic nanoparticles, micro and nanoencapsulation, for catalytic applications. Currently, in collaboration with Italian partners, we are conducting a European Union project for developing carbon nanofiber and graphene-based new materials (Eranet-Incomera).

Keywords : graphene synthesis and characterization, carbon nanofiber synthesis and characterization, lithium battery, supercapacitor, electrode materials, electrolyte materials

First Name : Hamide

Last Name : Aydın

Country : Turkey

E-mail address : biyonanotronik@gmail.com

Telephone : +905436389577