Final workshop for JTC 2016 FLAGSHIP pilot projects

The four Flagship Pilot projects presented the results of their projects that started in 2016 during a workshop hosted by MIUR in Rome on the 25th of February 2020. CONVERGENCE, started with a remote presentation on their project “Frictionless energy efficient convergent wearables for healthcare and lifestyle applications”. The consortium is currently in the phase of finalising the outputs of their project and is prospecting for additional funding. The project selected for ICT in social sciences “Futur IC 2.0” took the stage afterwards to present the ongoing work and the results of their project, with a dissemination workshop foreseen in 2020 still. No less than 6 project representatives presented “IT Future of Cancer (Treatment)” showing the different strands of their research results and how these could be developed and expanded in future initiatives. Finally, last but not least, “The RoboCom++ Project: Rethinking Robotics for the Robot Companion of the Future” showcased how they are working on the final results of their project and how robotics remains an essential research & innovation topic for the years to come. The workshop participants concluded with a discussion on the immediate opportunities for further funding that could be explored in the current and next framework programmes of the European Commission.