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Call 2016

The FLAG-ERA Joint Transnational Call for Flagship Proof-of-Concept Projects is closed.

The Call covered four topics, each corresponding to the domain of a Flagship Pilot:

  • ICT for Social Sciences (ICTSS)
  • High-Efficiency Sensor Networks (HESN)
  • Digital Medicine for Cancer (DMC)
  • Cooperative Robots (CR)




FLAG-ERA recommends for funding 4 projects building on the efforts of the initial FET Flagship Pilots

FLAG-ERA is pleased to announce the results of its second Joint Transnational Call (FLAG-ERA JTC 2016). This call aims to build on the efforts of the initial FET Flagship Pilots in the domains of Cooperative Robots, Digital Medicine for Cancer, High Efficiency Sensor Networks, and ICT for Social Sciences. For each topic one project has been selected...


First joint ‘spintronics’ meeting between Graphene Flagship and 5 FLAG-ERA funded projects

The Graphene Flagship includes a Spintronics Work Package exploring the ultimate potential of graphene and two-dimensional materials for spintronic applications. The next revolution will come when using spin for processing information in computers. The participants of this initiative are meeting on May 24 and 25 at the Bellaterra Campus of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB), in...

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