Symposium: From Cortical Microcircuits to Consciousness – 11–13 April 2022 – Institut Catholique de Paris, France

The Symposium: From Cortical Microcircuits to Consciousness aims at bringing together the Human Brain Project’s neuroscientists and invited guests to present their latest achievements in understanding neurocircuit dynamics at microscales, meso- and macro-scales, including the emergence of consciousness. Theories of consciousness will be reviewed and challenged by new findings from brain circuits and behavior. The involvement of neuronal and neuroglial cells in brain functioning, memory, learning, cognition and consciousness in health and disease will be discussed from the experimental and theoretical perspective.

The Symposium will offer a hands-on session on The Virtual Brain, the platform of EBRAINS for constructing and simulating personalised brain network models. EBRAINS is the European research infrastructure for gathering, processing and simulating brain data.

Finally, the Symposium will address the recent advances in neuroethics and neurophilosophy in neuroscience research and society.