FLAG-ERA Workshop 2022 – HBP presentations

Session 1

  • SENSEI: Segmentation of Neurons using Standard and Super-Resolution Microscopy
  • NeuronsReunited: data and software to reconstruct long-range projection neurons, place them in a digital reference brain with high precision, and model their interactions
  • SMART Brain: Advanced Morphological Reconstruction of Human Brain Tissue by Multimodal Fusion of Multiscale Optical Imaging Technologies

Session 2

  • Sound Sight:The sight of sound: how vision shapes the development of auditory inputs to the occipital cortex
  • Domino: Development of cortical multisensory integration mechanisms at micro- and macro- scalesduring normal and pathophysiological conditions
  • PrimCorNet: Layer-specific characterization and modeling of fronto-parietal dynamics in primate cortical networks

Session 3

  • MILEDI: Multiscale Modelling of Impaired LEarning in Alzheimer’s Disease and Innovative Treatments
  • MODEM: The “Motor-way” to Decision-Making: how the motor system drives cue-triggered decisions
  • ModelDXConsciousness: Combining model free and model based biomarkers for the consciousness diagnosis

Session 4

  • TraP-MEDD: Translational Platform for MSA: Elucidation of Disease‐mechanisms and Drug discovery
  • HA-CTion: Hypothalamic histaminergic modulation of brain regions involved in fear memory
  • VIPattract: The role of GABAergic neuron subtypes in stabilizing and flexibly resetting head‐direction signals in the Presubicular cortex