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5 Dec

The EU Commission Flagship Fleet Presence at ICT 2018 – Media Opportunities

5 Dec

Women In Graphene at Graphene Week 2018

20 Jul

Grants available to foster strategic alliances in neuroscience and neurocomputation

20 Jul

+70 grants to encourage alliances in the graphene community

19 Jul

The android with a sense of touch

31 May

G-IMMUNOMICS investigates the chemical recipe for biocompatible graphene

3 May

Strengthening collaboration to model cortical function

27 Apr

HBP School | The HBP Human Brain Atlas

12 Apr

2Dfun: moving towards the creation of large-scale microchips containing graphene and other two-dimensional materials

3 Apr

HBP Curriculum – Interdisciplinary Brain Science

13 Mar

New ultrasound technique shows the brain of rodents in action

23 Feb

Graphene in the spotlight at Mobile World Congress 2018