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11 May

Safety by Design: Graphene and the Brain

11 May

Frank Koppens, investigador ICREA a l’ICFO, rebrà el Premi Nacional de Recerca al Talent Jove

25 Apr

Read the annual report 2015 of the Graphene Flagship here

22 Apr

read about the European Cloud Initiative:- The communication on “European Cloud Initiative – Building a competitive data and knowledge economy in Europe” is available at

22 Apr

Towards a new Flagship on Quantum Technologies in Europe? See -The Commission Staff Working Document on Quantum Technologies which is available

20 Apr

Read the Graphene Flagship press release entitled “Graphene Flagship enters Core one”, ” & “RampUp phase Highlights”

11 Apr

1 April 2016, “Human Brain Project unveils prototype computing tools, calls on global neuroscience community to start using them”,

4 Apr

HBP Public Platform Release (Scientific community) V1

3 Feb

Estonian (ETAg) and Croatian (MZOS) research funding organisations join the FLAG-ERA JTC 2016

29 Apr

FLAG-ERA welcomes Slovak Academy of Sciences as new Member